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DECOTESSC1 - Demonstration of Counter Terrorism System-of-Systems against CBRNE phase 1


Within the 7th Framework Programme Security the EU is heading for a demonstration project on CBRNE counterterrorism. The scope of this project will be the demonstration of a consistent portfolio of countermeasures for CBRNE along the chain from prevention to response and recovery. The call for this demonstration project will be issued during Summer 2011.

The project DECOTESSC1, led by TNO, is tasked to develop a roadmap for this demonstration project and beyond.
The basic idea is an analysis and prioritization of the gaps between the current situation and the ideal situation of CBRNE system-of-systems counterterrorism. To achieve this a thorough understanding of the system-of-systems' structure will be developed, the requirements for an ideal system will be proposed as well as a description of the current state-of-the art. A gap analysis will reveal the differences between the current situation and the ideal situation. Finally, in order to fill the gaps a strategic roadmap will be developed. The strategic roadmap will address the full concept of an EU counterterrorism system-of-systems against CBRNE and outlines all the necessary missions, tasks, capabilities, systems, technologies, etc. to be considered. As a result the focus will be on the enhancement of the integrated operational competences.

In addition, to achieve all this, the DECOTESSC1 project will, on top of the efforts of the Core Group, consider the needs of the various stakeholders by direct interaction. This will be achieved by involving the stakeholders (Expert Group) continuously by organizing workshops at relevant moments during the work of DECOTESSC1, by organizing a mid-term stakeholders meeting and well as a final symposium. All interactions above will not only provide input for DECOTESSC1's work but also provide dissemination of its findings throughout the EU community and raise awareness for this very important subject area in the mean time.